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Favourite movie speeches #1 - 'Heart of Glass' (1976) - Open cloze exercise (B1+/Exam)

Exercise 1
Complete the gaps with the correct word.

A rocky island far out 1. ____ the sea, and a second, smaller island. They lie on the far edge of the inhabited world. 2. ____ one island, for centuries, some forgotten men have lived. And because they live on the far edge 3.____ the inhabited world word has not reached them that the Earth is round. They 4. ____ retained the belief that the Earth is flat and that the ocean far beyond ends in a yawning abyss. I see a man on top of 5. ____ rock. For years he stood alone, looking out over the sea day after day, always in the same place, He is the first 6. ____  to doubt.
Then years later, three other men join 7. ____. For many years they gaze across the sea from the rock. Then, one day, they decide to risk the ultimate. They want to reach the edge of the world, 8. ____ see if there is really an abyss. Musicians accompany their departure. Then the men set 9. ____, pathetic and senseless. In a boat that is far 10. ____ small.

1. in 2. On 3. of 4. have 5. a 6. one 7. him 8. to 9. out 10. too

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